Flipboard Three (SBC Week 8)

This week’s Student Blogging Challenge is all about commenting games!  We had two games that we could choose to participate in, and I chose this game (Count out Three).  I was slightly upset because the Flipboard Magazine would not open on my computer.  Count out Three is a game that involves clicking on a blog (count one), then click on a blog from the blogger’s blogroll (count two), and finally clicking on their blogroll and comment!

At the first attempt of this game I…

  1. visited HMS Sarah’s Blog (count one)
  2. visited Rosies Sparkling Blog (count two)
  3. commented on Kimberley’s post (count three): I commented on her post because her story that she wrote was so intriguing and the pictures were beautiful.

At the second attempt I…

  1. visited HMS Tayne’s blog (count one)
  2. visited Mr. Pastro’s class blog (count two)
  3. commented on Alexis’s blog (count three): I visited on her post because her commenting guidelines was so creative and was interesting to read.  But for some reason, I couldn’t comment on her lovely post, which made me slightly mad! But at least I completed this attempt.

This activity was probably one of the hardest SBC activities since most people DON’T HAVE A BLOGROLL. If you are reading this and you don’t have a blogroll, PLEASE MAKE ONE. It will help so many people when they do this activity. I kept having to go to other blogs since they others didn’t have a blogroll!

Other than that, have a lovely day to whoever is reading this! Aloha 🙂

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