SBC Week 1: My Anime Avatar!

Since the Student Blogging Challenge (SBC) has started this month (October), I will be writing posts about it or writing SBC Weekly posts! 🙂 The first assignment of this week is to write a post about our avatar that we have created…


This is my avatar! I created this avatar on this website and the avatar looks like me! 🙂

Now, I chose to have my avatar wear white because I always wear white.  Most of my t-shirts are white, and it seems to be my favorite color.  I chose to wear a plain shirt because I am a pretty simple.  I don’t like to wear bold shirts with bedazzles of colors, and I actually have a shirt just like the shirt my avatar is wearing.

Just like in the picture, I had dark black hair.  My hair is black and fairly short.  I kinda wish it was longer and healthier, but this is the real me.  Also, my face is in a smile position because I actually smile a lot.  I’m proud to say I’m a happy person.  I also have a mole on the upper left side of my face (near the eye), just like the avatar.

And I have to say… a girl can change in two years!  This is my avatar from two years ago when I was in sixth-grade. :0

I guess there isn’t that big of a difference, but I feel like I matured and changed in just two years.  Right now I believe I’m a bit more responsible and I guess my favorite color was still white back then. 🙂

Well, that’s it for the Student Blogging Challenge Week 1!  I can’t wait for next week!  Comment down below! 🙂




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  1. Hello Naho,

    This is a really good post. I’m surprised. This is your 3rd year for the blogging challenge right? It’s actually true how some people can mature quickly while some people can’t. I hope I can know you better. You seem like a nice and friendly girl. Oh, By the way, here is my website URL: (You can visit it if you want. Thanks)


    1. Hi again Farrah!!
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, this is my third year of the SB Challenge. Don’t worry! You will mature someday, and (guessing by your comment) you’re probably mature enough already. 🙂 Thank you, and I will check your blog. I can’t wait!

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