SBC Week 1; Activity 1 and 2 : All About Me

All About Me

Hi everyone!  I am Naho from the class HMS ELA.  This is my second time competing in the Student Blogging Challlenge, and I am very eager to participate again.  However, I have already done the Student Blogging Challenge once, so I have done both of the activities for this week.  So this time, I am going to challenge myself to do something different when writting my posts.  I will try to acquire many new words, so that I can use them for my posts.

Anyway, the first activity is to make an avatar.  Last year, I made an avatar from the website Avachara, but I am going to use it again.  I tried website called RinmaruGames, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me save the picture.  So, I just made a avatar from Avachara again.


I chose to put curly black hair on my avatar because I have black hair, and my hair looks like this when I curl it.  I also have flower accessories in my hair, because I like wearing flower headbands in the weekend.  I usually wear a white tank top, and I like pink hearts so I chose that as my backround.  This avatar represents me because this avatar looks like me, and express what I like.  Such as pink, hearts, curled hair, flowers, tank tops, and moe.


Naho Actrostic Poem


For the second activity, I am supposed to write a post about myself.  This time, I am going to write an acrostic poem about myself.

Neat: Always orginized, and never untidy.  My friends call me a neat-freak.

Artistic: Draws and paints pretty well.  I once won an art competion against three other schools.

Hawaii: I love living in Hawaii.  Warm temperatures, delicious food, magnificent views, and more.

Optimistic: On a normal day, with no problems, I am always happy.  Also, I am only mad or sad when something bad happens.


This is a picture of a flower that I like.

 MacBeales via Compfight cc Paste this HTML on your web p
MacBeales via Compfight cc
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  1. G’day Naho,
    Thanks for joining the challenge again this year. I hope you enjoy the activities each week. You are certainly expressing yourself well this time and using lots of words. That will make it more interesting for your readers.

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